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The bitch is back

Yo, Internet! Didja miss me?

So some things to get out of the way, I got back on my ADHD meds, I started dating again, and I feel fit as a fiddle! I feel like I wanna make videos again! I may even host them to github and make them an exclusive thing to this site. I honestly haven't felt this good in years!

I hate to make this website into a journal (seeing as we are on the cusp of 1000 people viewing it to whom I think ive contributed maybe a handfull of times) but maybe I'll turn this into a Blog/Essay/Computer kit/homapage type deelie. I mean, this site has no real point to it, why not air my buisness just a bit. I'm a grown ass man, beleve-it-or-not, I can do as I damn well please.

I will certainly start updating the everliving creist out of this website! so I'll see you around in the blog or whatever! If you care at all what I do on this site, do contact me!

-Joseph Harold, HTML Wunderkind

Will probobly be updated at a simi steady pase. Under construction (perpetualy) since the 16 of Mar, 2019 as of the 6th of Jul, 2019