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Possible Comic

Hello all! Didja miss me?

Well, I am almost done with college, seeing as I will be graduating in December 2023. Adding to this excitement, I have an internship with a University of Tennessee entity over the summer! With all of this happening, it has me thinking about what I am gonna do with all my newly found free time, seeing as I will hopefully be limiting my work to one standard 8 hour shift.

Then I realized that I used to draw. I have seen many people using their websites to host comics, such as Sabrina Online so I have decided to try and tell some stories of my own on this website! Keep an eye out for that in future, as well as a possible RSS feed I may set up!

I ask that you be kind to me at first, as I have not really drawn much in the past five or so years, but I hope to get back to my former quality of glorified stick figures soon!

Hopeful to the future,

-Jay Harold, God of Computers and Burner of Dreamcast Homebrew Discs

Will likely be updated at a simi steady pase. Under construction (perpetualy) since the 16 of Mar, 2019 as of the 28th of May, 2023