The bitch yet lives!

I appoligize for my absence as of late, I have been busy.

As I type this, I have several things due rather pressingly. This however, shall not stop me from typing this. Because I damn well please. Where to begin?

I am presently at MTSU, persuing a degree in Computer Science. While it is stressful, this is nothing out of the ordinary for me. I have always been stressed, I just have a viable reason to be now. I am rooming with a friend from highschool. We get along okay.

Making friends has been a little hard, but I find several faces familiar in nature and the people connected to them treat me well, as I try to do for them. It is rather difficult to make friends when everyone seems wrapped up in their own interests, but I can see why people would be wrapped up in themselves. Univercity is rather difficult. In fact, after this address is finished, I have to continue work on several self-reflective essays and cite two dead and forgotten people's New York Times letters to the editor as to how their oppinions lined up with those present in the Antebellum republic

It really feels like the work never ends, and it all feels the same after a while. I enjoy the lack of curveballs, as I would assume any class related suprise would be incredibly unpleasent for all parties involved, but I would like just a little variation beyond learning for 5 hours and spending the rest working on homework. It may come as a shock to you, but I am not presicely a social person (I know, infeasable right?) so I don't have much variation in my nights.

I believe I have bored you enough, and I have to get back to my schoolwork, so for now.

I will keep in touch!

Joseph Harold, Perpetualy tired and confused since 2001