The bitch has yet to cease living

Okay all, my decrepid ass has yet to keel over, so I am gonna just update you on some of the stuff that is going on.

I have started my second semester of Univercity. To add to this, I opted to only take about 10 hours of classes as opposed to my last semester where I took 15 hours (10 of which were Honors, the rest standard). This has lead to me being farely free of stress as most of my assignments do not build up to an unmanagable amount. As a result, I have become more social and my spikes of depression (while still thudding and unceasingly damning to the spirit) have become far less frequent.

This year, I have started my first CompSci class where I get to lay hands on code. We are learning Python; a language that I have some (but not much) experiance with. Working with it has been extraordinaraly fun! It is especially cathartic as it doesn't require the use of gullwings, instead opting for an indention based hierarchy system.

Anyway, I hope to kep you all posted! Ill update more later.