Getting Extreme

Now, I am not really the type to get openly political on such public forums as this website, but I feel that I must express some things and I have no real other place to do that. Since the begining of the present world affecting dilema, commonly reffered to as "The Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour", I have been actively looking for work. Sadly, though I would posit wisely if it wern't for the fact that everyone is still open, there is no work to be done, so I have been stuck at home. I do not wish to go out often, as there are folks who share the house with me who are immunocomprimised and one member already works in a factory every day, so it has given me long ammounts of time to idle.

Time to think

Time to get angry.

This all, along with the recent riots, have gotten me to start sliding farther to the left. Past Democrats, past Greenparty, and all the way into the areas occupied by communists. I have completely lost faith in the capitalist system, as they seem to function only to perpetuate greed and violence; a system that only embraces progressive change when it stands to drive a profit.

But look at me, getting worked up over a system that has served to keep me relitively poor. I hate to get all political here, but I just had to get that out! I hope I haven't scared ya off.