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I recon I havent updated this thing in a while, so I might as well do it now! The past few months have been rather hard. Mostly, my sanity has been a worry. However, I feel that I am at least coping with all this farely well! I am very glad that Trump is out of office, but I worry that the bar is so low now that we won't hold Biden accountable if he does something that could be detrimental. I also am conserned that I may not have a viable means of health care when I go off my parrent's plan, so I hope that Medicare For All gets a vote. I also hope that the age of appesement is done, because our democracy can only take so much as is.

Otherwise, I am rather lonely. It is hard to meet with friends nowadays, and doubly so to make them.

I called two people this very day that I never thought I would. One was a person behind the show/band 42/11 and another was a curator for a Telephone museum in Maryland.

Things are very uneventful, and I hope that they improve.

I'll try to keep in touch, internet in general.

Jay Harold, Webmaster supreme

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