Jay "Crumplestiltskin" Harold

An image of Joseph Harold circa 2020

Crumpleboi grew up in rural Middle Tennnessee

With an insaciable and mostly ignored passion for mathmatics and a complete inability to do arithmatic in their head, they began to teach themselves how to program in mostly archane languages such as Commadore BASIC and FORTRAN. When they found out that these where not very good languages for modern operating systems, they began working with C++.

What they lacks in compatence, they makes up for in incompatence, not having passed a spelling test once in their life.

They are currently running for Mayor in Winchester TENN as "L. Hillis" on the "nihilism / write in" ticket.

Contact at

Discord: crumpleboi#9389

Twitter: @joeskiharold

E-Mail: L.Hillis@SDF.org

Have you ever taught yourself an entire subject, from a Wiley brand "for Dummies" book? It sucks