Welcome to the WINDOWS 2000 STARTER KIT

This is a nifty list of all the things you will need if you deside to use Windows 2000 in this modern age!

Note: Due to Neocities' Internet Protocoul (HTTPS), you may not be able to access this website via WIN2K's prepackaged Internet Explore. Please use the included version of firefox and a shared folder to get started!!!

Before we get started, if you are using Virtual box you will see a button under the devices submenu labled "insert guest cd". Click this and follow its instructions. Then in the settings menu in the launcher GUI, attach a shared folder.

To go to the firefox landing page, click HERE

To get 7zip, please click HERE

For service pack number 4, click HERE

If you want Flash, click right HERE

More coming soon! Please be patient

For reasons that escape me today, I named a simmalar page of a diffrent website "The Magic Schoolbus".